A story of greed and thirst

We favor local products from a
production that respects the earth.

Choice of Menu 2 Courses - 29€
Choice of
Menu 3 Courses - 35€
A la Carte Choice


Choice of Menu 3 Courses- 45€
Choice of Menu 3 Courses Vegetarian - 42€
A la Carte Choice

Wine or Sake pairing 3 glasses 25€

Food and Mocktail pairing - 3 Glasses 24€

Please let us know if you have any allergies

On Friday evening, for reasons of organization and fluidity of service,

we only offer a 3-course menu (with numerous choices ) to the whole table.

Please make a maximum of 2 payments per table

Thank you for your understanding.


Pâté Bonne Maman 15€

Traditional homemade paté, made of pork from Cuvry

Duck Rillettes 15€

Ferme de la Sauvenière Shredded duck

White Tuna Terrine 15€

Home Made Smoked Salmon Trout Carpaccio &

Sage Vinegar Sour Cream 18€ (Menu+3€)

Grilled Octopus with Espelette Pepper Sauce 25€ (Menu +10€)

Exceptional product from Galicia

Smoked Shitake Mousse 15€


Cheese Croquette 15€


Smoked Scamorza with Tomato Sauce 15€



Duck leg with Miso & Wakame 25€

Duck from Ferme de la Sauvenière and Nuu Miso from Anderlecht

Chicken with Fennel and Preserved Lemon 25€

Free-range by Laura Duchenne in Andenne

Pork Roulade With Egyptian Spinach and Homemade Zaatar 25€

Hoeve Cuvry, Beersel

Sea Bass Bouillabaisse &

Smoked Paprika Rouille 28€ (Menu +2€)

Duck Breast from the Ferme de la Sauvenière &

Mixed Green Salad 34€ (Menu +4€)

Beef Tartar with Black Trumpets 29€ (Menu +3€)

Knifecut of Belgian Flank Steakf, Bouillon of Black Trumpets Mushrooms

Mixed Salad or vegetables

Freekeh Meatballs with Tomato Sauce 25€

Green Weat/VegetarianVegan (if served with rice or patatoes)

Quinoa & 18 Month Parmesan Stuffed Cabbage 25€


Seasonal Fruit Crumble


Melle Simone 9€

Chocolate cake made with Valrhona 55%

Melle Simone & White Cheese and Orange Blossom

Water Sorbet 10€ (Menu +3€)

Light and Bitter Chocolate Mousse 9€

Valrhona Guanaja 70%

The Sorbet of The Day 9€

White Cheese and Orange Blossom Water Sorbet 9€

Seasonal Fruits' Crumble with White Cheese

and Orange Blossom Water Sorbet 11€ (Menu +3€)

Colonel Tournant Version 15€ (Menu +5€)

Sorbet & Pousse café

Platter of Belgian Matured Cheese 17€/21€ (Menu +9€)

by Soeurs Ixelles

Some of our Suppliers:

Agneau Antoine & Elise Mabille

La Viande à Laura

Ferme Cuvry à Beersel

Ferme de la Sauvenière


Graines de Curieux

Monde des Mille Couleurs

Nuu Miso

La Poule qui roule

Renard Bakery

Siroperie Thomsin

Soeurs Fromagerie


La Truite d'Ondeval

Entier asbl

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